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The 6 sign to know that you are very creative



Do you know that the world would’ve be a dreadful place without creativity and creative people. Could you even imagine life without art, entertainment, culture and many other things we are benefiting today. The thought alone make me tremble.

I am so impress of what the nature have for us, and installed to us. Everyday thousand of news creative art, entertainment are brought to us. The next generation I am certain they’ll be more smart people who’s going to excel more like  William Shakespeare, Steven Spielberg, or
J.K. Rowling. 

Now I want you to believe and find what you are best at or something you are good at. I’ll help you to understand and find things you don’t believe about yourself.

Here are the 7 signs you need to know that you are creative. 

1. You have an authority problem. Creative types don’t always get along well with management because they would rather march to the beat of their own drum.

2. You like to solve problems. While most people are running and hiding from problems, you purposely seek them because you love nothing more than a fresh new challenge.

3. You are your own worst critic. You wrote a blog many months ago and thought it was wonderful at the time you published it. But then you read it again later and wonder, “What the hell was I thinking?” You then identify approximately a thousand ways it could have been better and kick yourself for being so stupid.
Note: Coincidentally, this is why I REFUSE to read my own old blogs and articles.
4. You ask lots of questions. A stagnant mind devoid of curiosity doesn’t have the capacity to create.
5. You carry a notebook everywhere you go.
Because how else can you remember all those brilliant ideas that strike you on the fly?
6. You find beauty in the ordinary. Creatives live in the present and are in constant awe of the world around them.


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