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Nicki Minaj agrees in a viral video that Wizkid’s Essence should be Grammy’s song of the Year



Popular American rapper, Nicki Minaj, has now agreed that Nigerian star, Wizkid’s Essence song should have been better recognised by the Grammys.

The music star recently had a talk with American media personality, Joe Budden, and they touched on different issues including the Grammy Awards.

During the interview, Budden mentioned that the Grammy board needs people that know that Wizkid’s Essence was song of the year.

To that, Nicki Minaj enthusiastically agreed as she nodded her head and said “right!! right!!”

She also said:

“You wanna know what’s so funny? We should have our own Grammy board.”

Nicki Minaj’s acknowledgement of Wizkid’s success was captured on video and soon went viral on social media.

Internet users react

Soon after Nicki Minaj and Joe Budden agreed that Essence should have been nominated for a better category at the Grammys, internet users went online to react.

A number of them agreed with Nicki. Read some of their comments below:


“Totally agree. Essence did better than those songs on the song of the year category.”


“The Queen said Right x2 to lay proper emphasis!!!”


“They know better thing na ♀️ We ain’t debating on that because they saying fact’s .”


“They freaking robbed Wiz on this, they robbed Africa, they robbed Nigeria on that .”


“Anything Nicki says is TRUE. She only speaks fact.”




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