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Malawi bishops label government ‘weak’ on corruptions



The Catholic Church in Malawi has criticised the country’s leadership describing it as “weak and indecisive” and not doing enough in the fight against corruption.

In a pastoral letter, which was signed by bishops, and read out across parishes on Sunday, the Church expressed sadness that decision-making at the highest level of government was slow when it comes to corruption, despite politicians having the necessary legal powers, authority and information to fight it.

“We believe that a President who campaigned on a platform of anti-corruption, and promised to deal with the vice, will not keep any of his ministers and aides when there is sufficient information about their involvement in corruption,” the bishops said.

Malawi’s government has said it “will look at the letter” and engage with the bishops on the issues raised.

The opposition and civil society groups have praised the clergy for raising issues they have said are a reflection of concerns members of the general public have.

In the past few months several groups have staged demonstrations across the country protesting against what they perceive as the government’s failure to deal with rising levels of corruption and lack of support for the popular head of the graft-busting body, Martha Chizuma, who has emerged as a stalwart in the anti-corruption fight.

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