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JUST IN: Nigerian student caught near Ukraine frontline



A 22 year-old Nigerian medical student, Fehintola Moses, has told the BBC about his unsuccessful attempts to leave Sumy, in north-east Ukraine, where there has been fighting with Russian troops.

Sumy is also near another frontline in Kharkiv.

Through WhatsApp message and voice notes, the Nigerian student spoke of how he was unable to leave the city after his university told him that the train lines nearby were controlled by Russian forces.

He said he had been told to stay at the campus.

He said there was no public transport in the city as some roads have been damaged.

Quote Message: We still have a good supply of food, grocery shops are still open – which I fear may not last long. The school is providing foodstuff for people who need it. We have water. We are still trying to sleep and wake up.”
Quote Message: What we need is someone who can remove the Russian soldiers from the streets, someone who can repair the bridges, someone who can make sure the railroads are safe. That’s what we honestly need right now.”

Mr Moses said he was feeling mentally drained and wished the whole situation would end.

Over half a million civilians have fled Ukraine, according to the UN.

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